Silver Pets Mobile Vet is a unique veterinary practice, where the clinic and the veterinarian come to you. We offer the convenience of full-service veterinary care to dogs and cats in the comfort of their own homes. Our 26' LaBoit coach is specially designed and equipped to be a fully functional veterinary clinic on wheels—the first of its kind in the Northwest Akron area.  

Going mobile maintains competitive prices and provides benefits that traditional/stationary clinics lack: Silver Pets Mobile Vet focuses attention on one house call at a time, whereas traditional clinics cause divided attention between exam rooms and emergency walk-ins. Our mobile clinic also decreases the probability of disease transfers from contagious patients. In addition, Silver Pets Mobile Vet is a solution for owners with limited access to transportation or owners looking to avoid stressful, unwanted travel and waiting-room time.
Our Service Area
We service approximately a 20 mile radius around Copley, OH. In general our service territory spans Medina to the west, Brunswick to the northwest, Brecksville to the north, Hudson to the northeast, Tallmadge to the east, Green to the southeast, New Franklin to the south and Rittman to the southwest.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday - 9AM to 5PM
Saturday and Sunday - Closed