Does your pet show signs of stress during the ride to the veterinarian? Do you tire of waiting rooms and then waiting, again, in the exam room? Do you want to protect your pet from the chance of disease transfer from another contagious pet patient? Silver Pets Mobile Vet solves these problems by coming to you!

Silver Pets Mobile Vet is a unique, house-call veterinary practice—the first of its kind in the Northwest Akron area. We offer the convenience of full-service veterinary care to dogs and cats in the comfort of their own homes. The cornerstone to our unique service is our 26' La Boit coach, which has been specially designed and equipped to be a fully functional veterinary clinic on wheels.

We have a different approach to providing health care to pets. Attention is more focused between the veterinarian, owner, and patient. Owners can avoid stressful, unwanted travel and waiting-room time found at traditional clinics. Going mobile also decreases the probability of disease transfer among contagious patients. Silver Pets Mobile Vet also makes service available to owners who may not otherwise be able to get their pets to a traditional veterinary clinic.